A premium affiliate program


Top Affiliate Managers

With more than 10 years of experience in the gambling industry, our affiliate managers will be able to answer all your questions while offering you the best possible revenue. All this with an impressive reactivity.


High Commissions

Whether it’s through revenue share or CPA, Slotspalace provides you with the most suitable remuneration to reward you at your fair value and monetize your traffic as best as possible.


Efficient Marketing Tools

It is possible for Slotspalace to provide you, according to your profile, special marketing content: personalized banners, landing pages or promotional codes.
Netrefer will help you can track your performance easily.

Tailored Affiliate Deals

We pay high and we pay fast! We’re open to revenue share deals, hybrid deals (CPA and/or RS) and fixed fee deals. Just contact us and let's discuss it.

First Level


Revenue Share

0 to 15 depositors

Second Level


Revenue Share

16 to 49 depositors

Third Level


Revenue Share

50 to 99 depositors

Max Level


Revenue Share

100 or more depositors

Top Partners

We work with quality partners to provide you with the best possible affiliate experience.

A top notch casino platform to ensure the best service to our customers

The reference of the affiliate platforms in the gaming industry trusted by brands and affiliates

Gamification at its best

We make everything possible to keep your customers entertained

The gambler must achieve specific goals and is rewarded for doing so. Exclusive rewards that can be kept as masterpieces.
It’s time for him to expand his collection!


To prove that he is the best, the player will be able to enjoy weekly tournaments and be rewarded with cash or our virtual money.
The opportunity for him to stay active on Slotspalace.

Point system

With our point system, the player is constantly rewarded for providing the best possible gaming experience, whether it’s on the slots, live casino or any of the games we offer.

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